Create invoices and quotes on the move or in the comfort of your living room. Create product and services catalogues, manage your users, customise your branding and more.

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Fast, convenient invoicing from anywhere you like

Mobile Invoicing

Create quotes and invoices on the move right from your smart phone or tablet. Your colleagues can contribute to the same invoice or quote on different devices, even those colleagues back at the office. You can access your catalogue simply, manage your user access and more.

Desktop Invoicing

Create quotes and invoices on your laptop. You can also set up your users, their permissions, your item catalogues, and more. You can even complete an invoice on your laptop that you created at your customer's premises.

Sit back and relax

Let your customer worry about payments. We'll send them your invoice and provide them with your preferred payment options. We'll even send them regular reminders and overdue notices, should they be late.

Billbii mobile app

Fast, convenient invoices and quotes on the move

Our mobile application lets you create invoices and quotes on the move. You can collaborate with others updating the same invoice or quote. Fast access to your catalogue whether you're online or not. When you're ready, submit your invoice at your customer's premises, or save it to complete later at home or in your office.

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Self-Service Portal

Everything from our mobile app and more

Everything you can do on your Billbii mobile app and more can be done from your home office using our self service portal. You can even start an invoice or quote on the move and complete it on your desktop. Select from range of prebuilt quote and invoice templates and customise them to suit your business. Create and manage your own catalogues, manage your devices and users, view your invoice reports and charts.

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