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Who wants to keep typing the same thing over and over again. Your product and services catalogue is available on your device or your browser making entry of items on your quotes and invoices super fast and convenient. You can also define currencies, categories, taxes and more with each item in the catalogue.

Bulk upload of catalogue images and media

If you have a load of images or other media to upload into your catalogue, drag them all into the catalogue upload area all at once. Go grab a coffee while the uploads process. Good things often take time!

Share artifacts across catalogues

So, you're creating a new catalogue? In many cases, your next catalogue will contain the same set of artifacts from the previous catalogue. Rather than making you wait while we upload them again, we detect that you're reusing the same artifact and simply link it to the new catalogue rather than burning your bandwidth unnecessarily. This significantly improves the speed that your artifacts are uploaded. You can also search for artifacts from any of your catalogues when adding items.

Fixed or flexible pricing

Sometimes you need to let your staff manually adjust the price of a service or product from your catalogue simply because they've had a great time with their customer and want to cut the price for them. You can choose to allow your catalogue item prices to be fixed or flexible.

Tiered and volume pricing

Pricing can be complicated or simple. We give you the flexibility with your catalogue item pricing by letting you select from a flat, volume or tiered pricing model. This gives you the opportunity to structure your pricing as you see fit and to reward those customers who reward you.

Multiple catalogue support

Billbii allows you to have multiple catalogues linked to your account, but only one catalogue can be activated at one time. This allows you to build a replacement catalogue and swap it with the currently active one in an instant. No delays or risk of partial catalogue items being shown to your customer or used by your agents.

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