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You have the choice to submit invoices and quotes to arbitrary businesses and individuals or to businesses and individuals who are registered within our global directory. You can also register your recipients as customers within your account. There are several advantages to registering your customers, the most obvious of which is that you don’t need to keep re-entering their details.

Automatic customer creation

You can create your customers directly or automatically as you add recipients to your invoices or quotes. Adding customers in this manner creates a simple customer record that you can later extend as needed. You can even link customers from the global directory in this way, which results in better collaboration between both parties.

Easy recipient selection for your invoices & quotes

Searching for a recipient is a simple matter of typing their name or their company name in the recipient search field. If you only want to search your customers, that is also done simply with the flick of a switch.

Balance tracking

Naturally you may need to view the status of your customer's balance at a single glance. Provided you have enabled balance tracking, your customers' balances will be updated as you create or update invoices, or as invoices are paid.

Customer reporting

While customer balances provide a single view of your customer's account, from time to time you will need more detailed reporting. You can report on invoice and quote distribution, payments, transactions and other activity as needed.

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