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Device & User Management

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We understand that your business may be small or large. Whether your business is a one man company or a business with hundreds of staff, you can structure your account as you need. You can add as many users onto your account as you need. Each user can link as many devices as they need. You can even block devices that you know are lost or stolen.

Add any number of users under your account

Whether your business is a one or two person company or whether it has a hundred staff, you can add as many users to your account as you need.

Add and assign users to user groups

Not all users that you add to your account will have the same job or responsibilities. You may choose to restrict certain functions to certain users. You can do this very quickly by setting up appropriate user groups and assigning permissions and users as needed.

View and manage the devices that have accessed your account

Every device that accesses your account is registered and audited against the activity that was performed using the device. If a device is lost or stolen, you can easily put a block on it, preventing it from accessing your account again.

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