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Go mobile with your invoicing and take advantage of all of the features that your phone or tablet offers. Regardless of your device and your location, you'll have access to your catalogue for fast and convenient entry of items in your invoices and quotes. We'll pre-fill your new invoices as best we can based on your geo location, saving you time and typing. View your invoices the way your customer will view them both on your device and on a browser.

Invoice or quotes on the go or in the comfort of your office

Why spend time in the evenings sorting out your invoices and quotes? Billbii gives you the power to sort them out while you're on the road or at your customer's premises. If your business is less mobile, you always have the option to complete your invoicing from your office or your living room.

Product and services catalogue

Billbii's extensive catalogue system integrates seamlessly as you prepare your invoices and quotes. As you add new items, you are presented with suggested products and services that have been registered with your active catalogue.

Invoice attachments

Add extra detail to your quotes and invoices by taking photos, adding plans, terms or specifications. Attachments are also a great way to prove the work was completed as requested.

Automatic Tax Calculation

Taxation options within Billbii are extremely flexible and very easy to set up. You can enable taxes for any catalogue item or you can assign categories to items and link those categories to your tax regstrations. By default we cater for default the default taxes in your country, but if you need to customise these, you can do so easily.

Customise our preset invoice and quote templates to suit your company's branding

Most businesses prefer to issue documents and invoices that reflect the company's image. We provide you with out of the box of invoice and quote templates that you can customise to suit that image. Customisation is as simple as selecting colours, fonts and your company logo.

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