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Keeping your data safe is as important for us as it is for you. We host your data within one of the most secure PCI-compliant digital environments on earth. It's backed up daily and we even keep your deleted data for a period of time. Our systems are built to withstand DDOS attacks, packet tampering, replay and many other common attack vectors. Of course security is not just about attacks. We also enable you to protect your account by allowing you to block access to registered users or devices.

First Line Protection

Our first line of defence is the world class CDN and attack mitigation enterprise, CloudFlare, with proven expertise in blocking all manner of attacks. As a CDN it also assists in providing a very high performance in the delivery of our services.

AWS Infrastructure

Our next line of defence is the infrastructure and services available through Amazon Web Services. AWS is the world leader in secure cloud services and Billbii uses these services extensively.

Irreversible storage of passwords and PINs

Your password and PIN and certain other information is stored using irreversible salted hashes. This might sound delicious, but it's actually a technique in storing secrets whereby if the data is stolen, it can never be reverse engineered.

Device management

You have complete control over the mobile and desktop devices that access your account. Any time a staff member leaves your company or if a device is lost or stolen, simply block the associated devices and they will be prohibited from accessing your account data.

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